Zone 38According to the CQ Magazine’s Worked all Zones Award programme, Zone 38 is known as the South African Zone.

The following entities are in Zone 38: 3DA – Eswatini (Swaziland), 3Y – Bouvet Island, 7P – Lesotho; A2 – Botswana, V5 – Namibia, ZD9 – Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island, Z2 – Zimbabwe; ZS – South Africa; ZS8 – Marion Island and some Antarctic stations (The boundaries of CQ zones 12, 13, 29, 30, 32, 38 and 39 converge at the South Pole. Stations KC4AAA and KC4USN are at the South Pole and will count for any one of the listed zones. Most Antarctic stations indicate their zone on the QSL card.)

To obtain the 2019 Zone 38 Award, radio amateurs must provide evidence of working 38 stations in Zone 38 starting from 1 January 2019, made up as follows:

1 QSO from Eswatini;

1 QSO from Lesotho;

1 QSO from Botswana;

4 QSOs from Namibia;

1 QSO from Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island;

2 QSOs from Zimbabwe;

5 QSOs from ZS1 (can include ZS7);

5 QSOs from ZS2 (can include ZS8);

4 QSOs from ZS3;

4 QSOs from ZS4;

5 QSOs from ZS5 and

5 QSOs from ZS6 (1 from Limpopo; 1 from Mpumalanga; 1 from North West and 1 from Gauteng; the 5th QSO from any province in ZS6).

A QSO with Bouvet Island (3Y) can be used as a Jocker.

The Award is available for CW, SSB and digital modes from LF right through to SHF.

An Award application form in MS Word is available here or on the SARL web site at http://www.sarl.org.za/members/Awards/AwardsDirectory.asp and must be sent to zs4bfn@mweb.co.za. The Award will be an A4 PDF document sent out by e-mail.